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Vocational and Lifeskills

Monarch Adult Autism Program
The Monarch Adult Autism Program (MAAP), located in Cleveland, Ohio, is an individualized vocational, lifeskills  and recreational program for adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  MAAP incorporates empirical assessment to identify preferences for vocational experience, as well as to determine participants’ current capabilities in relevant domains.  Following best practice standards, experienced staff design individualized skill-building opportunities for onsite and community-based work experiences. MAAP employs facets of Monarch’s evidence-based educational model.

Program Highlights

  • Available to individuals ages 18 and older with ASD who are no longer in high school.
  • Vocational and lifeskills experiences are driven by assessment.
  • Provides opportunities for skill building in the areas of communication, social skills, vocational skills, independent living skills and community participation.
  • Promotes independence in daily living skills, communication and executive functioning by embedding visual language into aspects of programming.
  • Emphasizes social skill building for peer and co-worker interactions.
  • Provides opportunities  for on and off-site recreational activities.

Vocational Skills
MAAP performs a preference assessment for each individual to objectively determine a hierarchy of preferred work experiences; additional assessments determine vocational capabilities and identify areas of need.  With staff support and intervention, participants establish individual skill-building goals to ultimately achieve their optimal performance.

Communication and Functional Living Skills
Participants of MAAP engage in age-appropriate activities that promote independence in the areas of functional communication, self-care, interpersonal skills, health, safety and general wellness.

Supervised by licensed and certified clinical professionals, MAAP’s degreed staff are trained specifically to work with individuals on the autism spectrum.  The program maintains high staff to participant ratios.

Community Integration
MAAP aspires to maximize community integration for its participants. Opportunities to engage in community-based simulated work, volunteering and recreation are available.  Paid, integrated employment is a goal for the majority of MAAP participants. Their individual preferences, along with needs related to safety, support and supervision in the community, drive the variety and frequency of experiences. 

MAAP offers transportation services meant to provide the highest possible degree of care continuity for participants who live within approximately a 20-mile radius of the program.

Days and Hours of Operation
MAAP is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. In a typical calendar year, the program operates approximately 240 days.