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Autism Puzzle Piece Soap


Lifeworks Boutique is an integral component of the vocational habilitation services provided by the Monarch Adult Autism Program.  Accessed by most MAAP participants for a period of each day, the boutique provides a multifaceted environment for teaching generalized, vocational and prevocational skills.  Participants engage in any or all aspects of manufacturing soaps, scrubs, lotions and candles, including product development, packaging, sales and shipping.

Autism Puzzle Piece Soap


Autism Puzzle Piece Soap


Our vibrant handmade puzzle piece soap set will bring a colorful accent to your bathroom. The set includes red, blue, green and yellow puzzle pieces. The clear soap offers a creamy lather with big bubble foam which gently cleanses and nourishes your skin. The light apple scent leaves your hands smelling fresh and clean.

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